We regularly act as a legal counsel for the operative management of domestic and foreign SMEs and listed companies in relation to different kinds of questions concerning their management.

A well-known Finnish listed company recently held its Annual General Meeting. We assisted in the arrangement of the meeting and also acted in the role of chairman of the meeting.

We assisted a large foreign technology company in their investment in several Finnish companies acting in the field of development of biotechnology products. In connection with the investment, we carried out changes in the structure of the company and drafted contracts concerning the use of the companies.

We have assisted several companies acting in the mobile and software business in drafting their licence, delivery, support and maintenance as well as distribution agreements, and in addition in the negotiations concerning these agreements with foreign companies.

We have assisted several start-up companies in the creation of appropriate and sustainable corporate governance principles, including the creation of meeting practices. We have also assisted them in issues related to growth and drafting various agreement templates, as well as with issues related to recruiting of employees.

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