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Kalliolaw is a law firm that specialises in serving growing companies with international operations. We are an extremely results-driven company and strongly committed to your company’s objectives.


We are proud to be able to announce that as a continuance to our previous global awards also in 2014 we have received from several sources highly respected international recognition as an expert organisation in our key practice areas.


  • Kalliolaw coached startup entrepreneurs of Boost Turku

    Kalliolaw’s partner Tiina Kekäläinen was coaching startup entrepreneurs of Boost Turku and gave a presentation to the entrepreneurs in a coaching event in August 2016.

  • Gaming M&A at record levels

    Kalliolaw Partner Olli Oksman shares his thoughts on gaming M&A for S&P Global Market Intelligence (Standard & Poor’s).

  • Getting the Deal Through – Mining 2016 – Kalliolaw contributed the Finland chapter

    Pekka Holopainen and Panu Skogström were the authors of the Finland chapter of the Getting the Deal Through - Mining 2016 edition.

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